Running for Rover Rescue on July 4th

4th post race

We ran the 4th of July 5K and raised $825 for Rover Rescue!

To celebrate Independence Day in the USA, we once again participated in the 22nd Annual Village Runner 4th of July 5K. My dogs Koa, Lau Lau, and I pledged to raise money for Rover Rescue, a local dog rescue organization in Redondo Beach, California, by participating in the race and asking friends to donate money to show their support.

Over 100 dogs are put to sleep in overcrowded Los Angeles area animal shelters every day. Many of these homeless dogs have been abandoned, abused or neglected, without ever knowing the love of a caring human being. Rover Rescue saves dogs from overcrowded Los Angeles area animal shelters, and fosters or boards each rescued dog until the right owner is found. While in their care, dogs are walked, socialized and given loving care. Dogs that are sick or injured are given proper medical attention and vaccinated, spayed or neutered. All of Rover Rescue’s support comes from donations and volunteers, and they keep working, “until every dog has a home.”

We met and adopted both Koa and Lau Lau through Rover Rescue, and we believe in their mission to match prospective owners with the right shelter dog so that the dogs will never be homeless again.

We hoped to raise $700 for Rover Rescue, and I posted on Facebook, tweeted and sent emails to friends and family asking for their support. I am thrilled that we raised $825 for Rover Rescue through Crowd Rise’s online donation platform. We are still able to accept donations, and we would greatly appreciate any amount you can give to Rover Rescue via Crowd Rise.

On race day, the boys were excited by the crowds of people gathered at the start line. We started slowly, but soon Koa was ready to run, and we alternatively ran and walked the entire course. We did much better and beat last year’s time of 42:04 by completing the course in 37:37! It’s not fast compared the overall race winner’s time of 15:22, but we still had fun seeing other dogs on the course, passing some people and waving and cheering for the leaders.

We are so thankful for everyone that donated to our race, especially our four-legged friends Travis and Leinie. Most importantly, we are grateful for the work that Rover Rescue does to find every dog a loving home. We hope if you plan to add a dog to your family that you adopt a dog from a local rescue organization or shelter…until every dog has a home!

More photos from our day are below. Please “like” Rover Rescue on Facebook, and see more photos from the race at the Village Runner 4th of July 5K Facebook page.

4th race start

Approaching the start line so we can line up behind it for the race.

4th race starting

The race begins! We started at the back of the pack with the other dogs and walkers.

4th race

Running along the Esplanade in Redondo Beach with the Pacific Ocean to our left.

4th corner turn

Running back along the Esplanade, here we are turning to return to Riviera Village and the home stretch!

4th run

Koa and Lau Lau take their race pace very seriously.

4th rover tent 2

We stopped by to see our friends at Rover Rescue after the race.

4th treats

Patiently waiting for a treat to celebrate finishing the race!

Thank you for considering a donation to Rover Rescue!

We Ran for the Lives of Dogs

To celebrate Independence Day, I took my dogs Koa and Lau Lau to Riviera Village in Redondo Beach, California, to participate in the Village Runner Redondo Beach 4th of July 5K.

We were running and walking to help raise funds for Rover Rescue, a local dog rescue organization that saves dogs from Los Angeles shelters and helps them find permanent homes (my original post is here).

Trying to remain calm before the race starts.

Koa and Lau Lau are trying to remain calm before the race starts.

Dave and I adopted first Koa, then Lau Lau, from Rover Rescue, and we admire and respect the commitment they have to find the right home for the dogs that they save. We want to make sure that all dogs find a safe and loving home.

Running along the Esplanade in Redondo Beach. Summer morning are usually like this due to the "marine layer."

Running along the Esplanade in Redondo Beach. Summer mornings are usually like this due to the “marine layer.”

I posted here, and on Facebook, and asked friends and family to donate money. Although it was a bit of a last-minute fundraising effort, I’m pleased to report that we raised $600 for Rover Rescue! We are still accepting donations. If you would like to contribute, visit the pledge and donation site here.

The group at the front is already on their way to the finish line.

The group at the front is already on their way to the finish line.

Koa and Lau Lau were dressed in red, white and blue bandanas to celebrate the birthday of the U.S.A., and I wore my U.S. Soccer hat and Rover Rescue t-shirt. The boys were very excited on race day, probably because of all the people gathering before the start of the race. We stopped by the Rover Rescue tent to visit our friends there. We saw a group of runners from their vet, Family Pet Clinic of Redondo Beach, and even said hi to the vet tech who recognized them (Koa thought he seemed much nicer when he wasn’t trying to poke and prod him).

The race begins!

The race begins!

The race started at 8:00 am, and while everyone dashed off, we waited a bit so that we’d have more room to run – zig-zagging around walkers and runners is a bit more difficult with two dogs on leashes.

We walked and ran the course, and while we weren’t particularly fast, we sure had fun! We finished with a race time of 42:04.

Dave found us along the way and took some action photos. You can see more photos of the entire race in the Village Runner 5K Facebook page and on their website.

DSCN3359 DSCN3358After the race, the boys posed for some photos.

photo 4 photo 5 DSCN3362

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my efforts on behalf of Rover Rescue. Koa and Lau Lau want to especially thank dogs Travis, Charlie, Natalia, Lizzie, Mario, and Luigi for their donations. It’s nice that both two and four-legged donors support us!

There’s still time to donate – help us reach our goal of $850! Click here to contribute!

We had so much fun running with fellow neighbors and citizens from all over the South Bay, and loved seeing everyone in red, white and blue. Look for us to race again next year!

How did you celebrate July 4th?


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