About Me

Photo credit: Flytographer Dan Weill

Photo credit: Flytographer Dan Weill

I love exploring the world.

I took my first trip overseas to the Netherlands in 2001, and even though I forgot my umbrella while on an excursion to a rainy and blustery Delft, I have been a passionate traveler ever since. For eight years, I managed an alumni travel program for a university, and between travels for work and vacation, I have visited six continents (Antarctica is the last one to see). Each year my goal is to visit someplace new.

I am a fan of Formula 1 racing, the Olympics and Penn Basketball, and am always in search of a perfect cappuccino (so far, Italy wins hands down), a nice dram of whiskey and a good Gin and Tonic.

My home base is southern California where I enjoy practicing yoga and spoiling my two dogs, Koa and Lau Lau. When people ask, where do you want to go next, my reply is, “Everywhere.”

I have professional experience in alumni relations, travel planning, social media and high-tech marketing and am open to consulting and free lance opportunities.


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