A Return to Athens and A Road Trip in Crete


The Acropolis.

The Acropolis.

I am leaving today for Athens and Greece, enjoying a quick return to the city I have only visited once, many years ago. It is a one night stay before taking an overnight ferry to Crete to join a week-long road trip in Crete hosted by the Travel Massive Crete chapter.

My only previous trip to Greece was in 2004 and hardly can be described as a visit. I arrived in Athens, met with our group for a half-day tour of the city, and then we embarked on a cruise that left for Croatia. We were quickly taken to see some sights – the base of the Acropolis, a changing of the guards, the original Olympic stadium – and then we were off on our cruise.

I am looking forward to spending a full day in Athens. My friend Kat and I will take an Athens Urban Adventures tour – actually we’ll be getting a combination of their Taste of Athens and Markets and Ruins and Ancient Athens tours that Rebecca from the Travel Massive group coordinated for us. In the early evening, we will embark on an overnight ferry to Chania, Crete, to join the Travel Massive Road Trip.

You can follow along on social media as I travel – the road trip will use the hashtag #Crete4Seasons and all of my tweets and Instagram posts will also use the #KRGreece hashtag. We will be exploring Crete from May 6 – 14, and the itinerary that Rebecca sent us has me excited to participate!

After the Travel Massive itinerary is complete, I plan to spend another day or so in Crete, then travel to Santorini for a night or two before returning home.

Have you visited Athens? Or Crete? Or Santorini? What do you suggest I do and see?

Athens Olympic stadium

The Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, site of original Olympic competitions, it was rebuilt in the late 1800s. In 2004, it served as the site for the Archery competition for the Athens Olympic Games as well as the finish line for the marathon.


Leaving Athens on my cruise in 2004.

Leaving Athens on my cruise in 2004.



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