Flashback: Time to Eat the Doughnuts!

I used to travel to Seattle and Portland at least once a year, and while I was there for work, I always found time to explore the food and coffee offerings of the Pacific Northwest, which are bountiful.

During one trip in 2012, I decided to visit doughnut shops. Just re-reading my initial post and seeing the pictures is giving me a serious doughnut craving, even though it is 6:00 PM.

Since my original post, I added another donut/doughnut must-visit in Portland. My friend Debbie highly recommended Blue Star Donuts, and she was right to do so. After my visit there last year, I have since told friends visiting Portland that it is a must-stop!

I remember this blueberry bourbon basil donut fondly (how can you not love a donut that has bourbon and blueberries – my favorite fruit?).

Blue Star Donuts' #blueberrybourbonbasil donut.

Blue Star Donuts’ #blueberrybourbonbasil donut.

I remember trying at least one other, but I had to eat it before taking a picture. The donuts are inventive and sophisticated, their website has a picture of the Cointreau Creme Brulee donut for example, but the basics of a delicious brioche style donut are executed perfectly. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times suggests that Blue Star Donuts will be opening a location in Venice, CA, so I will be able to sample these delights closer to home soon!

Want to read about my original doughnut trip? Here is my post which appeared on the Frankly Penn blog on June 29, 2012.

Time to eat the Doughnuts!

by Kiera Reilly, C’93  @KieraReilly

This week I traveled to Seattle and Portland to visit our Penn Alumni Clubs in each city. While there, I was able to visit and taste some of the best doughnuts in the country – as so deemed by Travel + Leisure. It turns out, T+L thinks many of the country’s best donuts (doughnuts) are on the West Coast. I’ll do my best to report back in the coming months as I’m able to sample them!

On Monday, while in town to meet with the Penn Club of Seattle board, I first took a morning walk to Top Pot Doughnuts and sampled the old fashioned. Top Pot has several locations around Seattle, but I wanted to visit the original storefront. While I enjoyed the doughnut, there was a little too much glaze for my taste. Click here to see what T+L liked.

For lunch, after an obligatory stop at Starbucks, I met with Kristine Tan Wright ’94, Belinda Bentzen Buscher ’92 and David Blum. We discussed the club’s upcoming incoming student send-off , plans for bringing a faculty member to the club in the coming year, and of course, the dreary weather (it is Seattle!).

Before driving to Portland, I made a super quick stop at another Seattle “best of” doughnut location – Mighty-O Donuts. North of downtown, also in a residential neighborhood, Mighty-Os are organic and vegan, but oh they are good. Crisp and crunchy on the outside, and a delicious not too sweet cake on the inside, I have to say, these are some of the best doughnuts I’ve ever had. Here is why T+L liked Mighty-O.

In Portland on Tuesday morning, it was time again for stretching my legs…and stopping by Voodoo Doughnuts, where they say, “the magic is in the hole.” I had visited Voodoo before and loved their maple bacon doughnut (2 whole pieces of bacon on each one). This time I tried a Portland Cream and chocolate. Mmmmmmmm…. Click here to see what T+L had to say.

At lunch, the Penn Club of Portland welcomed Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor Jonathan Moreno for a presentation and interactive discussion with alumni, parents and local friends. Everyone enjoyed his talk and is looking forward to the club’s annual Summer Lawn Party where new students and their families are welcomed to the Penn family.

I always enjoy visiting our alumni clubs in the Pacific Northwest, but when I’m able to have a few free minutes to sample some local goodies, it makes the trip extra special! I encourage alumni in Portland and Seattle to grab some doughnuts and then call or email the local alumni clubs and stay engaged with Penn! Do you have a favorite doughnut spot? I hope to visit more best donuts soon – and report back!

This post originally appeared on the Frankly Penn blog on June 29, 2012.

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